Get Help With Riverside Snakes

Riverside snake

If you need help identifying a snake you found in Riverside, just email me a photo or two of the snake, to and I will identify it for you.

NEED EMERGENCY SNAKE REMOVAL? Remember, most of the snakes of Riverside, CA are harmless and good to have around! But if you have a snake situation in which you need help, below are some resources. Examples in which you may want help include:

  • A venomous Riverside snake on your property or in your house
  • A snake stuck inside your home, or pool, or garage, etc.
  • A snake that is aggressive or concerns you in some way
  • A nest of snakes on your property or even in your attic

FREE HELP: Riverside County Animal Control: (951) 358-7387

FREE HELP: Riverside Police Department: (951) 354-2007

PAY A PRIVATE COMPANY: See below sponsor advertisement:

You have to act promptly to increase your chances of successfully removing a snake from your property. If you wait for an hour, you’d have given the snake enough time to look for somewhere to hide - thereby reducing your chances of catching it. Wait till the next day, your chances are even slimmer. Unfortunately, you cannot have peace of mind knowing that a snake might be lurking around. That’s why you need to act promptly whenever you find a snake in your home or property. Our snake removal company was founded to deliver lightning-speed snake removal services. Although the majority of snakes in the US are non-venomous, species like rattlesnake and cottonmouth are deadly. Irrespective of where you’re located in this region, even in the valley, we can get to you fast! Even in the middle of the night or on public holidays, we will promptly arrive to help you capture and relocate any snake. In short, we are available whenever these nasty reptiles are active. We are not an exterminator or a regular pest company, but rather a dedicated wildlife removal company that handles both mammals and reptiles. What sets us apart is our passion. We are passionate about the science behind snake behavior. That’s why we spend thousands of dollars yearly on training to get informed on the current trends in the snake removal sphere. We also invest in the start-of-the-art snake removal tools to ensure top-notch delivery. In terms of price, we are the most competitive. You get to pay as low as 1/3 of the cost a pest control company will charge you. And guess what? You get superior service from us. Asides from snake removal, we also provide exclusion and prevention services to help ensure that snakes do not return to your property!

The above listed services might provide free Riverside snake removal, but maybe not. You may have to pay a company. Give the county animal control and police a call, and see. Read our article about:
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